Earth Release: Dropping Lid

Ninjutsu (Earth)

Level: B 5
Hand Seals: Snake
Casting Time: Standard Action
Range: Unlimited
Area: 30 foot burst
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw Reflex

The user creates a giant, boar-shaped, earthen lid high in the air that falls on the target, trapping them.

The user summons a giant earthen dome with a radius of 30 feet. This dome can be centered anywhere the target chooses, though they must have line of sight to their target area. Any target within the area of the created dome is allowed to make a reflex save, with a failed check resulting in being trapped under the dome. The earth dome is 1 foot thick per caster level. Each 5ft section of the dome has 30 hit points per foot with a hardness 5, and attacks against the dome's interior automatically succeed. Once a 5 ft section has reached 0 hp the dome is considered breached and people may exit through it normally. If a target wishes to breach the dome with a single attack they must make a Str check with a DC 25 + 1 per foot of stone.