Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness

Ninjutsu (Elemental Type); Genjutsu; Taijutsu ====

Level: Level and Rank (E 0-1; D 1-2; C 3-4; B 5-6; A 7-8; S 9-epic)
Hand Seals: Necessary Handseals
Casting Time: Time to activate the jutsu
Range: Maximum range to which the jutsu can reach
Area: Area of the jutsu's effect
Duration: How long a single activation of the jutsu lasts
Saving Throw Which defensive measures are effective against the technique

This technique traps the victims inside a self-repairing dome of earth which is almost instantaneously able to reform, even afterKiba hit it with his Passing Fang. Jirōbō was able to absorb the chakra of anyone trapped inside, something he enjoyed greatly. However, Jirōbō's chakra was not evenly distributed throughout the dome. Near the back, relative to him, his chakra was much weaker, making the dome weaker in that spot.