Five Feeding Sharks

Ninjutsu (Water)

Level: B 5
Hand Seals: Put both palms together then slam one onto the surface of water where you wish to create the sharks
Casting Time: 1 Free action
Range: All ranges within a single body of water
Area: 5 sharks
Duration: 1 round/caster level
Saving Throw None

The user puts their hand on the surface of a body of water and from the tips of five fingers, chakra is released into the water, changing it into the form of five ferocious sharks. The sharks circle the target with high speed, creating a raging stream that takes away their prey's freedom of movement and their sharp teeth tear into the enemy with each consecutive attack. In the anime, these sharks can regenerate from surrounding water, making them difficult to destroy.

This jutsu creates five sharks. The size of the sharks depends on your caster level, from level 7-12 the sharks are medium, level 13 and above the sharks are large. These creatures act on your turn, and their bite attacks are made at an attack bonus equal to your caster level. As constructs of water, this jutsu can only be used to attack creatures in an aquatic environment, and while fully underwater the sharks regenerate 10 hitpoints per round.