The basic template for creating custom techniques can be found on: Custom Jutsu Format.

Chakra and Jutsu Rules

Chakra is, obviously a very important part of the world and lore of the New Age Naruto. I mean who doesn't wanna shoot fireballs that can level a city at people, amiright?!? 

With that being said, this group uses the spell point variant of the d20 system with rules taken from the vitalizing variant. Some important points: you cannot use more than your caster level's worth of chakra points into a single jutsu (which means that as a 20th level caster, you could only spend 20 points on a Kirin (S-Rank) Jutsu. This means it can be quickened, but not empowered or maximized, as quicken would bring it up to 19: 17 base + 2 cost for metajutsu. You could empower a meteor swarm at caster level 21: 17 base + 4 feat cost.) 

Chakra points across all classes are summed up into a single pool, and when the value of your character's total spell points drops to 1/2 of this value (rounded up), your character becomes fatigued. If your character's spell pool drops to 1/4 (rounded up) of their maximum value, then the character is considered exhausted. If a character reaches 0 Chakra points, they may take 2 points of con damage to give themselves a number of temporary chakra points equal to their character level, but this is a standard action. Chakra points do not naturally regenerate, but for a safer option a charater may spend a full round action to infuse chakra. This grants half your character level in chakra points (rounded down) and may be done a number of times equal to your constitution modifier (without penalties or damage) per day.

A character can only hold a certain number of jutsu in their mind, based on their intelligence score and the highest level of jutsu their class can cast. A table with bonus jutsu per day can be found here. In order to have access to these bonus jutsu, a character must spend time in RP training these additional techniques, based on their Learn DC.A character may use two slots of a lower class to grant themselves a jutsu of a higher rank as well, (You may sacrifice two A-Rank jutsu in order to use a bonus S-Rank jutsu). A higher constitution score will also grant a character bonus chakra points per day, found on the table here. DCs for jutsu are usually set by the character's Charisma or Wisdom modifier, depending on the class they take. Taijutsu users use their strength or dexterity to set the DC of their jutsu.

E rank jutsu are 0; D 1-2, depending on the jutsu used; C 3-4, depending on the jutsu used; B 5-6, depending on the jutsu used; A 7-8, depending on the jutsu used; S 9th level. Kinjutsu and certain unique jutsu are considered epic level jutsu (10th level) and cannot be used unless the character has taken the Epic Jutsucraft feat. Depending on the rank of the jutsu, it will cost a different amount of chakra points to use: E Rank jutsu are free, but can only be used a combined total of times per fight equal to the character's Con Modifier. D rank jutsu cost 3 point, C rank costs 5, B rank 7, A rank 9 and S rank cost 11.

Learning bonus jutsu is based on your character's Learn skill (character level + int modifier). The DC to learn E rank jutsu have a DC 15 which must be met 2 times in the course of learning the technique (minimum 2 sessions). Rank D jutsu have a DC 25 to learn, which must be met 2 times as well. Rank C jutsu have a DC 30 requirement, but must be met 3 times to learn a jutsu (3 sessions). Rank B jutsu have a DC 40 to learn, which must be met 3 times (3 sessions). Rank A have a DC 50 to be met 3 times (3 sessions). S rank Jutsu have a DC of 60, which must be met 4 times (4 sessions at least). A character gains their normal progression of jutsu upon reaching a new level, these bonus jutsu are optional based on the player's discretion to pursue or not. A DM (Kage) or a GM (Nathree) may change the DCs of a particular jutsu based on difficulty or effect.

A character may search out a mentor in order to teach them a jutsu. The mentor doesn't need to have the jutsu on their list of techniques known in order to teach it, but they must have the nature required to perform the jutsu. A character learning jutsu from a mentor may use that mentor's level in place of their own for determining their learn check. A mentor who knows the jutsu being taught can use their full level bonus, while a mentor who only knows the nature may only apply half their bonus, rounded down. A mentor must be a character over level 25.

Countering Jutsu

Unlike in most Naruto RP groups, here most jutsu can be avoided or resisted simply by virtue of making a save. This means that countering jutsu with jutsu is at best a secondary option. However, if a character is wishing to go the route of being a counter-ninja that option is certainly available. A jutsu can only be countered by another technique of an equal rank to it. If a jutsu is countered by a nature it is weak against, the technique being used to counter can be one rank lower, and if it is strong against the countering technique, it must be one level higher than the jutsu being countered. Upon countering a jutsu both techniques are considered expended.

To counter a jutsu, you must select an opponent as the target of the counterspell. You do this by choosing the ready action. In doing so, you elect to wait to complete your action until your opponent tries to cast a spell. (You may still move your speed, since ready is a standard action.) If the target of your counter tries to cast a jutsu, make a reflex check (DC 15 + the jutsu’s level). This check is a free action. If the check succeeds, you correctly identify the opponent’s jutsu (the rank and the nature) and can attempt to counter it. If the check fails, you cannot counter. Also, logic does apply here, not all jutsu can be used to counter (Hiding in Mist Jutsu cannot be used to counter a technique, but Water Wall or Water Gunshot might be used). To succesfully counter a jutsu you must do caster level check (1d20 + your caster level vs 11 + the enemy's caster level). If you succeed your jutsu counters theirs and both jutsu are considered expended harmlessly.

This is simply the base progression of events in order to counter a jutsu, and feats exist that modify these steps, and a character with a doujutsu such as the Byakugan or the Sharingan is able to bypass the jutsucraft check, as they are able to see the chakra and seals that go into forming the jutsu.

Natureless Transformation Jutsu/Techniques

Chakra Flow

Body Replacement Technique 

Cloak of Invisibility Technique

Chakra Sensing  

Clone Technique

Fission Technique

Hiding in Surface Technique 

Sexy Technique 

Transformation Technique 

Sealing/Summoning Technique

Four Violet Flames Formation

Summoning: Rashomon

Summoning: Triple Rashomon

Summoning: Quintuple Rashomon

Hiding with Camouflage Technique

Mystical Palm Technique

Aburame Clan Jutsu

Insect Gathering

Insect Platform

Insect Jamming

Insect Jar

Insect Cocoon

Insect Sphere

Insect Clone

Iburi Clan Jutsu

Body Oxidation Jutsu

Body Dispersion Jutsu

Wind Release

Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal cutting and slashing damage. It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible.


List of Wind Release Jutsu

Wind release: Great Breakthrough

Sickle Weasel Technique

Wind Release: Rasengan


Air Current Wild Dance

Wind Release: Air Bullets

Wind Release: Cast Net

Wind Release: Gale Palm

Wind release: Repeated Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshurkien

Wind Release: Rasenshuriken

Wind Release: Vacuum Blade

Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance

Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave

Lightning Release

Lightning Release is created by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra. Allowing for piercing damage and fast movement.


List of Lightning Release Jutsus

Body Pathway Derangement


Chidori Sword

Chidori Current

Chidori Senbon

Chidori Sharp Spear

Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration

Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique

Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of the Lightning Pillar

Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang

Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind

Lightning Release: False Darkness

Lightning Release: Lariat


Lightning Release Chakra Mode

Lightning Release: Black Panther

Lightning Release: Spider Web

Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder

Lightning Release: Snake Thunder

Lightning Release: Thunder

Hell Stab

Earth Release

Allows the user to manipulate the surrounding earth for offensive and defensive purposes or create it; be it dirt, mud, or rock.

List of Earth Release Jutsus


Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique

Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide

Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum Dumpling

Earth Release: Earth Shore Return

Earth Release: Earth Spear

Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall

Earth Release: Dropping Lid

Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness

Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique

Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique

Earth Release: Golem Technique

Earth Release: Moving Earth Core

Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique

Earth Release: Light-Weight Rock Technique

Earth Release: Practice Brick Technique

Earth Release: Rock Shelter

Earth Release: Sandwich Technique

Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld

Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm

Earth Release: Tunnelling Technique

Rock Clone Technique

Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique

Water Release


Allows the user to manipulate pre-existing water, or create their own, by turning their chakra into water.

List of Water Release Jutsus

Water Gun Technique

Water Gun: Two Guns Technique

Hiding in Mist Technique

Dustless Bewildering Cover Technique

Steaming Danger Tyranny Technique

Water Prison Technique

Drowning Water Blob Technique

Heavenly Weeping

A Thousand Feeding Sharks Technique

Water Prison Shark Dance Technique

Bubbles Technique

Exploding Water Colliding Wave

Five Feeding Sharks Technique

Water Shark Bullet Technique

Great Water Shark Bullet Technique

Great Water Arm Technique

Great Waterfall Technique

Water Release: Gunshot

Hiding in Water Technique

Starch Syrup Capture Technique

Water Bullet Technique

Water Dragon Bullet Technique

Water Release: Black Rain Technique

Summoning Technique: Black Water Katana

Water Release: Water Blade Technique

Sealing technique: Octopus Hold

Ink Clones

Bubble Dome

Ink Bubble Explosion

Bubble Slime

Water Release: Water Formation Wall

Water Release: Water Colliding Wave

Super Beast imitating Drawing

Sealing Technique: Super Beast Vision Staring Bullet

Water Release: Duo of the Liquid Shadow

Sealing Technique: Black Water Blob

Super God Imitating Drawing

Fire Release


It is performed by moulding superheated chakra inside the stomach before releasing it via the lungs and mouth.

List of Fire Release Jutsus

Uchiha Flame Formation

Hiding in Ash Technique

Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu

Exploding Flame Formation

Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

Flame Whirlwind Jutsu

Great Dragon Fire Jutsu

Great Flame Flower

Ash Pile Burning Jutsu

Cloud Style Flame Beheading Jutsu Flame Bullet Jutsu

Great Fire Destruction

Great Fireball Jutsu

Great Fire Annihilation

Great Flame Technique

Advanced Nature Techniques

Ice Release

  • List of Ice Release Jutsus

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

Ice Release: Ice Dome

Ice Release: Earth Chain Ice

Ice Release: Ice-Breaking Fist

Ice Sword Technique

Certain-Kill Ice Spears

Ice Doors

Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard

Wood Release

  • is created by simultaneously combining the Earth and Water natures

List of Wood Release Jutsus
Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands


Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands

Top Transformed Buddha

Transmission Wood

Wood Clone Technique

Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees

Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees

Wood Release Cutting Technique

Wood Release: Five Element Combination Technique

Wood Release: Foo Dog Heads

Wood Release: Four-Pillar House Technique

Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique

Wood Release: Great Forest Technique

Wood Release: Great Spear Tree

Wood Release: Hand Tool Manipulation

Wood Release: Hōbi Technique

Wood Release: Hotei Technique

Wood Release: Nativity of a World of Trees

Wood Release: Several Hundred Hands

Wood Release: Transformation

Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique

Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique

Wood Release: Wood Human Technique

Wood Release: Wood Spikes Ring

Lava Release

  • is created by simultaneously combining the Fire and Earth natures.

List of Lave Release Jutus

Lava Release Chakra Mode

Lava Release: Ash Stone Seal Technique

Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique

Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique

Lava Release: Rubber Ball

Lava Release: Rubber Rope

Lava Release: Rubber Wall

Lava Release: Scorching Armoured Fist

Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique

Storm Release

  • is created by simultaneously combining the Lightning and Water natures.

List of Storm Release Jutsus

Storm Release Secret Technique: Demon Dragon Storm

Storm Release: Black Hunting

Storm Release: Laser Circus

Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave

Boil Release

  • is created by simultaneously combining the Water and Fire natures.

List of Boil Release Jutsus

Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique

Boil Release: Unrivaled Strength

Erupting Propulsion Fist

Erupting Strong Foot

Dust Release


is created by simultaneously combining the Fire, Earth, and Wind natures.

List of Dust Release Jutsus

Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World

Explosion Release

  • is hinted to be made of the Earth and Lightning nature

List of Explosion Release Jutsus





Explosive Clay

Explosive Landmines

Clay Clone

List of Explosion Release Jutsus

Scorch Release

  • is implied to be created by simultaneously combining the Fire and Wind natures.

List of Scorch Release Jutsus

Scorch Release: Incinerating Flare Technique

Scorch Release: Steaming Murder

Magnet Release

  • is implied to be created by simultaneously combining the Wind and Earth natures.

List of Magnet Release Jutsus

Armor of Sand

Desert Suspension

Iron Sand Drizzle

Iron Sand Gathering Assault

Iron Sand World Method

Magnet Release: Conserving Bee Twin Blades

Magnet Release: Gold Dust Imperial Funeral

Sand Body Jutsu

Shield of Gold Dust

Yin Release

The basis of imagination and spiritual energy.

List of Yin Release Jutsus

Yamanaka Clan Techniques

Mind Body Disturbance Technique



The basis of vitality and physical energy. 

List of Yang Release Jutsus


Chimera Technique

Flying Thunder God


Early Sacrifice



Tenmyaku Kisatsu

Senga Jinkei




Gentle Fist:

These attacks are the trademark style of the Hyuuga clan, and can damage either the user's hit points or their chakra, at the user's discretion.

Eight Trigrams: 32 Palms

Eight Trigrams: 64 Palms

Eight Trigrams: Protecting 64 Palms

Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms

Eight Trigrams: Rotation

Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Palm

Eight Trigrams: Vacuum Wall Palm

Eight Trigrams: Palm Bottom

Eight Trigrams: One Body Blow

Eight Trigrams: Mountain Crusher

Eight Trigrams: Tenketsu Destroyer