Water Prison Shark Dance Technique

Ninjutsu (Water)

Level: 9 (S)
Hand Seals: Ram
Casting Time: Full-Round Action
Range: Personal
Area: 400ft +40 ft/jutsu caster level burst
Duration: 1 minute/jutsu caster level
Saving Throw Reflex Save

Once this technique has been activated, the dome alters its position in order to reflect the direction of his movements, making it difficult for his target to escape as long as he continues his pursuit. This technique is extremely effective in one on one fights, but the user would probably not be able to contain two enemies fleeing in opposite directions.

All characters within the burst of this technique must make a reflex saving throw or be trapped underwater. A successful saving throw means the character is able to stand on the surface of the water wave before it is formed into a sphere and is on the outside of the dome of water created by this technique. This jutsu effectively alters the terrain from a land-based battle into an underwater fight . Allies and enemies equally suffer from this technique, and all characters inside the technique make saves for drowning as they normally would in an underwater situation. The user is also subject to these conditions, unless they have some ability or jutsu to breathe and move underwater.